External Exhibitors Area

Stand 1 – Scarab Sweepers

Scarab Sweepers offer British built products that are manufactured in Marden Kent. We are wholly focussed on providing affordable, durable sweeper’s to meet our customer’s requirements and the strength in depth of our after sales support, maintenance and know-how means greater reliability, lower overall maintenance costs and extended lifespan.


Stand 2 – C P Davidson & Sons Ltd

CPD, the municipal vehicle specialists, has been in operation since 1956 and has built up an enviable reputation in the supply, refurbishment and maintenance of municipal equipment.

Stand 3 – Farid Hillend Engineering

Farid Hillend Engineering is part of the Farid European Group, one of Europe’s fastest growing Refuse and Recycling Vehicle producers.


Stand 4 – Bunce Ashbury Ltd

For over 100 years Bunce (Ashbury) Ltd has been manufacturing in the UK, helping keep roads and paths clear of snow, ice and dirt. Now powered by the Boschung Group we offer a full range of vehicles and equipment for Winter Services, the cleaning of roads, paths and precincts and for Airport taxiways and runways.

Stand 6 – Vehicle Weighing Solutions

Vehicle Weighing Solutions specialises in design, manufacture, installation and services of on-board weighing, bin weighing, overload protection systems and waste management software.

Stand 5 – CMS SupaTrak

CMS SupaTrak is a leading telematics supplier. Our technology helps increase operational efficiency through driver behaviour management, vehicle safety, improves compliance and reduces carbon emissions.

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