External Exhibitors Area

Stand 12 – Munihire

Munihire Limited specialise in Municipal Vehicle Hire, on a Local and National Hire Level.

Stand 13 – Stock Sweepers Ltd

Stock Sweepers Ltd is a leading UK manufacturer of truck mounted road sweepers.


Stand 14 – Refuse Vehicle Solutions Ltd

The Complete Refuse Vehicle Solution! We offer the largest range of services available within the industry.

Stand 15 – Spillard Safety Systems

A vehicle safety solutions provider, with over 25 years of support, service and experience to industry. Spillard Safety Systems, an industry leader in innovative design, supply and installation of vehicle safety solutions that improves driver all around awareness and saves lives. Come and discuss more about safety aids with us.

Stands 21 and 22 – Faun Zoeller

FAUN Zoeller are a wholly owned subsidiary of the KIRCHHOFF Group, with factories across Europe, Asia, America and the Pacific Rim the Group produce automotive parts, tools and mobility equipment as well as refuse collection bodies, lifters and road sweepers.

Stand 19 and 20 – Isuzu Truck Ltd

Isuzu Truck UK Ltd sell and service commercial vehicles, from 3.5 ton to 13.5 ton throughout the UK. http://www.isuzutruck.co.uk

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